HST Preparation and Reporting

Managing taxes can be a real hassle, and can take you away from your core business focus.  If you fall behind in your tax submissions, your business will face serious penalties.

That’s why the majority of small businesses outsource their tax requirements.
At Accounting for Small Business, we help many companies just like yours comply with all federal and provincial sales tax requirements.

Let Us Crunch Those Numbers

Keeping track of your finances takes time, effort, and patience – and there could be overwhelming costs associated with making errors. Why struggle with all that number-crunching when our experienced team can do it for you?

At Accounting for Small Business, we’re dedicated to your satisfaction, and we’re ready to use our experience and knowledge to make your life easier while best serving your financial needs. Filing your taxes doesn’t need to be a headache anymore – we’re up to the challenge.

If you require year-end services or require assistance with filing your taxes, we’re at your service. For more information about our accounting services or to schedule a consultation, call us today.

Behind On Your Taxes?

No worries – our team can get you fully caught up on all of your taxes.  We’ve helped many small businesses and sole proprietors solve their tax challenges. Once you are all caught up on your taxes, we can keep you on track for the future.

Accounting for Small Business is a full service accounting firm, serving the Burlington-Oakville area. Contact Us today!